Book review of Yamada Taichi- I haven’t dreamed of flying for a while

I haven’t dreamed of flying for a while

is another haunting, urban ghost story from Taichi Yamada.


page number: 195

release date: June 1st 2008 by Faber & Faber


A Government Housing Loan Corporation’s salary man, Taura, after a mental breakdown switched to the rehabilitation department of his company, gets injured and hospitalized. While resting he encounters a train wreck nearby and due to overflowing patients in short notice he is rolled into a small room sharing it with another woman. That night the they talk and since there’s a separating cloth between them the woman initializes to talk out an affair between them, and since the woman is bedridden but her voice sounds young, or at least near Taura’s own age he obliges and after the nights shared passion, the curtain is pulled and he seed a 67 year old woman bashfully turning away from him. He is switched rooms again and they lose contact after.

However the woman searches for him and finds his company phone and location calling him out. he avoids meeting her again like wildfire but stops dead in his tracks when the woman who has the same voice as in the hospital follows him, but has the face and body of a 40 year old woman.

She explains her body is changing over and over again within time repainting her younger features. They start an affair, which grows into more than just an affair, making Taura loose all sense of his own reality…

Spoiler part:

Taura gets obsessed with finding the woman who goes back in her age, riling him up with more and more selfish requests. he completely fails any task at work and takes time off even lying to his family which consists of a wife who occupies herself with running a local newspaper, and his son who is first year on university.

Taura gets found out by his son while he is having a date with Mutsuko and gets confronted by his son both agreeing that they won’t expose him to his wife.

While getting back at age Mutsuko wants to do more and more reckless things. she buys a gun and the go on to scare people in a cinema. despite all the criminal charges they commit, the irony of it that they get found out when Mutsuko is in her late teens by the single living neighbor when they have sex in Mutsuko’s apartment and Taura gets taken in by the police and goes to jail for resisting arrest, since his senses only revolve around Mutsuko and how he wants to be with her till the very end of her time, since her aging backward is becoming more and more rapid over time. As a result, his wife takes into consideration how others would view them and tell Taura when he is released on house arrest that when the time goes off she will divorce him. Taura manages to say goodbye to Mutsuko who is last seen as a 4-5 years old replica of herself.

Quotes : X

Thoughts: the writing is extremely similar to Yamada Taichi’s other novel called Strangers. the supernatural elements entwined into the real life happenings and how the everyday person tries to deal with surreal situations. The plot was gripping and it was fast paced and action packed thorough the entire book. The characters were relatable and life-like with completely everyday problems.

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