this is a readathon focusing on books you didn’t get around to



the challenges for me are the following:


  1. TBR shelf for over a year : Marilyn Bowering – Visible Worlds .18. Sep. ’15 – purchased.
  2. most recent book haul: Fruits and other poems by Titus Moetsabi (the cool thing about this that the author actually gave this one to the person who sold it as a show of his gratitude for being welcoming to him at his stay in smederevo in 2015.Fénykép1168.jpg
  3. first book in a series: Stolen songbird- Danielle L. Jensen. it’s the first book in a trilogy and it was my most voted read for this month and I’m already almost 200 pages in, even tho it looks like a giant book nearly with 500 pages it’s not that monstrosity to read. It is a really fast paced, dystopian  fantasy trilogy, with trolls wooing the audience.
  4. out of your comfort zone: Csomos Robert – Bleeding Island (vérző sziget) it’s a hungarian author, hungarian language post ww2 memoir where as the main character found his footing in Israel and lives through war and malicious times. Since nowadays war and politics are really uncomfortable topic, I try my best not to get involved. (the main reason is that I don’t feel informed about it enough to get into any argument over it) so this is really pushing me to get out of my bubble.

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