Book review of Shadows of the Forest by Emma Michaels


144 pages

Published November 5th 2016

YA, Fantasy

2/5 stars

an e-copy of this book was offered to me in exchange for an honest review by Xpresso Books

a story about twins who think saving one another’s life is the ultimate sacrifice they can do. The only thing through japanese folklore’s magic, to make a pact after they get into an accident where Cole and Lily get injured. however, Lily who wasn’t strapped in suffers so many injuries that it most likely would take her life, unless his brother makes a pact with a Kitsune, a japanese fox spirit, a trickster, who will let Cole exchange his little to none injured body to his sisters wounded one.
In the private hospital they arrive they meet, Kaede a japanese doctor with his daughter Willow who are willing to help Lily save his brother after she chooses to turn their fate around and offer her own afterlife to ensure her brothers healing.
We get to meet the Kitsune, Arro, who’s story is linked to the goddess of the forest who sustains the spirited woods, who later known just as much capable of selfless acts as Lily is.

The story is a bit jumbled in my opinion, here and there are grammatical errors, punctuation problems, and some places use uncommon words which could have been replaced with more familiar ones.

I really liked the Japanese culture intertwining into the story and the explaining of the magic system of the forest. It is in my opinion similar to -An Ember in the Ashes-

There’s the – warm static kiss – cliché
the “I was the one born to die.” – cliché
at a few places its just plain annoying to read the order of words even though it’s clearly overdone try to get across as poetic.
There’s the overused dark past and the happy ending that made this book dragged down even though I sooo sooo much loved the world building and the magic of it all.


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