book review of Lady Mechanika vol.2 by Joe Benitez


The story begins in Africa where they hunt down a bigfoot for sport. Returning to London, she encounters a little girl who warns her about the danger that someone tried to kidnap her. Mechanika assists her and finds a dead lady in the place they head in the futuristic Mechanika city, called the city of tomorrow.

Germans do kidnap her and get away after a chase leaving Lady Mechanika in the dust.She begins her search for the girl by unraveling first who has kidnapped her and where they take her and why.

The entire work got the same steampunk look and a taste of Indiana Jones, with the lingering feel of the Japanese manga comic called black butler. the mystery solving intertwined threaded story is gripping and leaves me on the edge of my seat unwilling and unable to put it down.

What I loved the most that the spotlight on the little girl showed off her in a girly dress first, but her name was Wilfred, Fred on short and she totally rocked a guy’s outfit too. after she is rescued they head off to Africa to go and find Fred’s grandfather who left on an expedition months ago and never returned.


Diverse characters are also well represented in it, in the portrayal of Akina, who also has the vitiligo skin condition.


at the end of the comic the readers can get a little inside of the drawing room witch is always a really beloved feature I see in comics.


Naturally I give 5/5 stars recommendation to this Comic since the art is amazing and the diversity of it all just soothed my soul.


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