1. Lady Mechanika vol.2 (this is the closest to sci-fi I have) read description here


2. read any book:  Wraithborn vol.1 by by Joe Benítez ,(author & illustrator), M.M. Chen

read the description here


3.read a 2016/17 release:

released in 2016

read description here


4. read a cry worthy book:

I have a feeling ill weep like a child after this 


5. read a book you’ve been anticipating:

read the description here


6. read a book under 24 hours:

5 drama by Shakespeare includes: Romeo and Juliet, Julius Ceasar, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark , A Midsummer-night’s Dream, Twelfth-Night;or, What you will (hungarian edition)


7. read a book you’ve been seeing everywhere:


8. read a book about a marginalized group:

I feel like those who has been subjected to any mind/will bending torture are outcast. The real life survivors of trauma are avoided unlike the fictional characters who’s background written as horrific as the author wills them to be, and still get the “my precious baby, must be protected at all cost” so to put it in here I wanna give it a go to the girl who was in spotlight during my own childhood and I have grown up nearby watching the news about her…

read the description here


9. read a book that was gifted to you:

I got this from my aunt last time I was visiting so I wanna give it a try

read description here 


10. read a romance /contemporary:

read description here


11. read a book you bought because of its cover:


12. read a book that makes you feel happy:


13. read a thriller /horror:

Dolores Claiborne Poster

14. buddy read a book:

I leave this one empty because I dont have anyone I can ask so if anyone feels like reading any of the above mentioned books please let me know and we can buddy-read it via twitter/goodreads communication.


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