Lady Mechanika vol.1 by Joe Benitez

The series is steampunk themed, featuring a female lead with another female villain, Commander Winter, along with a male villain named Blackpool. It has eloquent and fast paced storyline and speech.  Detailed, fully colored panels and easily read font.

The graphic novel starts out in 1878 introducing our main character the fearless Lady Mechanika who is partially mechanically wired. She has no memory of her past or who she became the way she is. She desperately searches for any thread leading to know more about herself.

Hunting down a hybrid she discovers that she was manufactured by a doctor who possibly does his research on multiple subjects. so when her attempt to get anything out of the hybrid fails because the towns people murder him before she gets anything valuable out more than that they came from the same place and that the doctor abandoned both of them, she decides to search for any lead.

Her next lead is another girl who is found dead on a train station who has the characteristics just like she does. and before she could grasp the girls corpse a mysterious shape appears taking the girl away and reviving her.

We get to know bit by bit the structure, such as the more damaged you get the more mechanical parts will be installed in you.

(for example Blackpool gets kicked in the jaw by Lady Mechanika and in the next panel he appears, he has a mechanical jaw. and when Commander Winter gets into a fight with Lady Mechanika she looses two of her fingers and her leg gets injured beyond repair.)



the first volume has extra artwork at the end finishing off the first act wonderfully and deepening the fondness developed towards the beloved characters. I gave it 5/5 rating because the artwork is absolutely stunning and the storyline is entertaining enough to actually sit down and read through it not only flip through.




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