Book review of Fancy & Adriaan by Haidji


I have  received a copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review. Thank you soo much again for the continuous hard work and for the opportunity of being able to read your works. *3*

The book features a short story of 56 pages. It is a fantasy standalone, about Fancy the fairy and Adriaan, the elf’s love story.

Published in 2014.

The plot and the characters are soothing to read about as most of Haidji’s works, it does have that unique characteristic tone to it.

The story tells the struggle of their love and how they can achieve to be together without having to be alarmed about it.

I loved the concept of reaching nature to bind the creatures to a human known thing and how they are forbidden to interact with the passer by human. However, my only problem with the book was maybe that it was my most anticipated read nowadays, and it feels more of a first draft of an upcoming book than a book itself. I would have loved it to be stretched out and told with more details and more inept for example on Strinkley, the Dwarf prince who gets healed by Adriaan’s potion and gets curious about the outside world beside the mines.  I think if this was once more published as  a full length novel I could give it a much higher rating because the concept and the writing is beautiful.

Since, it was so short and laid out only so little I gave it a 2/5 stars.



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