book review of Stolen Songbird by Danielle L Jensen


it is the first book in the malediction Trilogy. I received my paperback copy from the Author after participating in a giveaway and winning it. Thank you soo much.

Yes this book is one of those “pretty girls standing in pretty dresses” type of books. and you know what? its just as good as Red Rising. the book follows two perspective of the bonded Tristan the troll prince and Cécile the ordinary farm girl with the golden voice.

Cécile gets kidnapped to fulfill a prophecy that would free the trolls from their caged mountain cave. They are cursed by a witch and the prophecy says only one with characteristics such as Cécile has can break the curse by being bonded to the prince.

I loved the fact that their love isn’t the instant love and they learn to see both good and bad in one another, making each other the most precious thing and that they can lean on each other for support in times of need.

I loved the twists and turns and Marc was my very favorite and I really hope to see more of him.

The book does have tropes but its not like you cannot oversee them.

Even though it looks intimidating with its 472 pages it is really fast paced and this is one of those books you cannot put it down because you wanna know what happens in them.

I will most likely acquire the rest of the trilogy and the companion novel since I love my ugly/pretty boys so much.

I gave it 3/5 stars.


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