Book review of The Sound of the World By Heart by Giacomo Bevilacqua


genre: comic, slice of life, romance, tragedy, drama

 192 pages
Expected publication: April 11th 2017 by Magnetic Press
I received my e-copy for review  via Netgalley.
The story follows Samuel Page, who isolates himself from the world by carrying a piece of paper that says he is deaf and people should not talk to him. It is a new project he set off to New York to work on, financed by his friend and co-founder of their publication.
He deals with immerse grieve after loosing his girlfriend to an illness she wouldn’t overcome.
He carries around a headphones and blocks out most of the sound of the city. He carried his camera and takes photos influenced by his own self imaginary vision and intuition. He develops the pictures he has taken and usually goes to places with only few or no people at all around him.
After receiving the developed pictures his world turns upside down as his viewfinder continuously captures a girl with ginger hair passing by. From there on he is forced to be aware of himself and take in his surroundings and take a moment to look for the girl and when they don’t just slip by each other but he notices her and she notices him he is scared off by the very thought of confrontation.
There are  a few pages with nudity( p. 104-106) in it so if anyone is sensitive to that they should just skip a few pages in it.
My overall thought is that this was this years most refreshing love story with a really detailed story and characters. I very much hope that it will have more than one volume.

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