Vengeance be mine (Vengeance Demons #1) by Louisa Lo

I received my e-copy in exchange of an honest review.

302 pages
Published April 30th 2015 by Tin Can Press
synopsis:   Megan Aequitas half trickster half vengeance demon, entering university to study her dads profession and become a full pledged vengeance demon, however, her path is full of thorns, having humans not quite understanding her because she has to hold her identity a secret, despite she lives in a dorm with a human… vengeance demons care more above all else about their bloodline and aristocracy and Megan being a half breed never gets her to be acknowledged. She has hard time following in the footsteps of her older sister who is a full blood vengeance demon and showing a really high placed measurement of “doing okay in your profession”. Megan also experienced prejudice and often accused of cheating because of her trickster heritage from her mothers side.  her vengeance not always proves to be easy since she is a newbie and her assignments are either unable to endure the torture she puts them under, prepared to fight her and overpower her, or have excuses that could null their punishment and try to get out of her grasp.
thoughts: the writing is moderately bearable. It is a little too YA for my taste but its only because I’m older than 25 and I’m not part of the edgy millennials and cannot often identify with their texting or problems. the urban fantasy part where as their world entwines ours is very much shadowhunters like. with its teen elements and chick drama and the fact that the main character always unsatisfied with the outcome of the events is really off-putting for me. the entire book felt a lot like Karen Chance’s Cassandra Palmer series. it might be only me but I think I’m over the supernatural readings, it doesn’t necessarily mean this is a bad book, I’m just not in the right mindset to read these kind of YA coming of age empowered drama-queen protagonists. but those who loved Vampire Academy and stuff like that I’m sure will love this too.

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