Yokaiden vol.1 by Nina Matsumoto

Paperback, 192 pages
Published November 18th 2008 by Del Rey

Hamachi, an orphan who lives with his grandma in the era where samurai’s were still respectable in Japan, distracts himself from the daily hard works misery by reading about the japanese monsters called Yokai who were either abandoned household items come to life, some who resembled animals some who resembled humans. some were harmless others played pranks and some thirsted for blood.

Hamachi using a 100 yokai tales book and 100 candles opens a portal between their world and the Yokai’s making them more visible to the eye.

His grandma despises them and when she goes to wash the clothes by the riverside she angers a kappa by throwing rocks at them, when the kappa starts stalking her she puts out a trap that crushed the kappa’s foot.

Hamachi discovers the kappa while collecting bamboo and helps him out of his trap. the kappa swears revenge and when the boy goes to the city to sell bamboo merchandise, the kappa intrudes in their home and steals his grandmas soul leaving her body lifeless.

Hamachi returning home discovers the tragedy and goes after the kappa who went back into their realm.

I liked how the story goes along with each chapter representing a candle of the 100 candle this volume containing 7 of them.the front has two pages of colored illustration and the back has description of the characters. in between chapters i loved the fact that there were additional info about the appearing yokais in the previous chapter.

I gave it 5/5 stars and ill try to hunt down more of the volumes, since i bought it secondhand.

If you wanna read more about the Japanese folklore monsters here‘s a really good website for it.



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