Elfes 1- 2 by Nicolas Jarry

1st volume:
54 pages
Published March 1st 2013 by Soleil
2nd volume:
56 pages
Published May 2nd 2013 by Soleil
The story follows a water elf who’s primary element comes from the waters and without those they would die or turn against each other in mass suicide. when one of them returns from a long journey she finds her people massacred in the town, finding a dagger from a brute clan  that has rough path with the elf’s, easily jumping to conclusions she could seek vengeance but decides to investigate further into the matter since the battle wounds even indicate that they could have fought each other or one who belongs to their race.
there are some explicit scenes in both volumes, the plot switches too frequently and the art just leaves me puzzled at places.
since it switches between beautifully detailed scenes such as this one and then we get a main characters face drawn with square jaw and masculine features, and in the next pages there’s a really default and arguably mediocre drawing of a smooth, fair skinned pointed jaw pretty boy.
this is one of the main reason why I down rated it. and the next two is one because I had really struggled with the bubbles. I read a LOT of comics but the bubbles usually not these dull and don’t make me want to skip the entire story. the third reason why I didn’t enjoy this is because the way it left a sour taste in my mouth making its entirety feel like a lord of the rings rip off.

besides there were some sexist scenes that upset me for example this:


I was ecstatic when i saw her in the strategy room and then they had to ruin the moment. besides the nude scenes only ever exploit the female bodies. and I’m like… come on… there are girls too who read comics lets not be all about the boobs… really a pity since this looked so promising.


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