Shinonome Tantei Ibun Roku by Taratsumi John

31 pages featured in Opera

Douchin Waki runs a rundown back alley detective firm, where an old man comes to ask to find his lover from 30 years ago. his lover was a dancer in a gay bar with the stagename “starboy” because he had moles running down from his neck on his chest looking like the milky way.

Waki goes to the place that is still running though its abandoned. he meets the owner who tells him starboy has died a long time ago and because he had no one he went into a combined tomb.

he was promised by Waki’s client to be taken away from the sex worker industry and marrying his lover however the man never came back for him and he grew sick of selling himself so he committed suicide by handing himself. Waki encounters the ghost of starboy who only hangs around because his only closure is to know whether his lower is alright or has something happened to him. After Waki tells him not to wait anymore to Izumi, his lover and tells him he is doing just fine, starboy can move on.

Even though this one shot was short i loved it. the second page indicates mature content there isnt anything that is explicit. the story focuses more on raw emotions and morals.

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