February book haul

I have gotten in total 21 books this month. I got 3 in exchange of an honest review and 1 as a freebie to my purchase.

the books I received as review copy were:



the freebie was:

tokyo underground by Vágvölgyi B. András (hungarian language) see more on goodreads


the purchased books were:

  1. Caged slave by yukio takamure and an kanae 2440415
  2. Yokaiden vol.1 by nina matsumoto 3430777
  3. an affair of men by errol brathwaite Fénykép1184.jpg
  4. endless night by richard laymon 1842831
  5. love and mr. lewisham by H.G. Wells 13583258
  6. a tale of two cities by charles dickens 62200
  7. jonathan strange & mr. norrell by susanna clarke 1-2-3 combined 7105465
  8. a bed by the window by M. Scott peck 1975929
  9. Sullivan’s woman by Nora Roberts 20810168
  10. her mothers keeper + once more with feeling by Nora Roberts 20754349
  11. boundary lines by nora roberts 20754652
  12. born in shame by nora roberts (nicely done by the moron me who bought the 3rd book in the series.) 20706771
  13. Carolina moon by nora roberts 20814932
  14. blue dahlia by nora roberts 18712922
  15. a leaf of spring by aleksandr sergeyevich Fénykép1185.jpg
  16. northwest passage by kenneth roberts Fénykép1186.jpg
  17. life counts by michael gleich, dirk maxeiner, michael miersch, fabian nicolay 1682143

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