DNF:Visible Worlds: A Novel by Marilyn Bowering

hardcover 290 pages + acknowledgements

Published August 4th 1999 by Harper Perennial (first published 1997)

current pagecount : 49/290

the book is written in the perspective of Albrecht, who has a twin brother Gerhard, who wants to return to their homeland Germany after Hitler get on the rule. They live in Canada in a tight knit neighborhood. their father works at a slaughterhouse and has the strong characteristics of those well praised blond blue eyes germans Hitler so very much favored. their mother is one of the mountain breeds with the strong sense of self and coiled braided red hair. their mother teacher Gerhard to speak effortlessly the native tongue so he would immediately belong once he moves there.

what I didn’t like about it and why I’m DNF-ing it.:

I’ve read the first two chapters last winter and I recall absolutely nothing of it. now I’m recapping it and the very first page give unnecessary spoilers from 1960. the intro states the questions the writer will try to lead up to answering in the novel. unraveling how Gerhard  disappeared in 1945.

the first chapter is informative from 1960 with clustered names and seemingly completely unrelated expedition over Siberia written out.

the second chapter, oh boy, its so bloody long and dragged out. it takes place back in 1934. it tells the tale of how Albrecht, and his best friend Nathanial Bone, who’s father is a drunkard native american who lost his fortune and turned to alcohol and beating his family… make a run for it, after a night Bill Bone returns home, finding out that his daughter Lily has suffered a fatal burn when she pulled a pan of boiling hot water on top of her , while her mother and friends were holding a seance for Bill’s mistress the animal trainer. Bill looses the least bit of sense he still had once his daughter looses the battle with the suffered wounds and boils all over her small body and beats up his son who runs away with Albrechts fathers car, and they make their way to a small island with a canoe in the heavy winter time. even seeing the northern lights and some meteor shower.

they turn back once they feel too cold and Nate finally tires of his stress and grief infused adrenaline.

so this is as much as I got into the book. and the reason why I’m DNF-ing it is because its dense. the second chapter was 34 pages in itself and felt like reading 100 pages at least. it is dense and packed with so many words I never even heard of and confused me utterly because not even the location where it was set it was mentioned but I had to look it up by the lakes the kids passed with the car.

I don’t give it a rating or toss it, because I wanna see where this is going. I think this is one of those reads that you have to have time for, to sit down and read it uninterrupted.



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