the hunger games by Suzanne Collins #ayearathon

this months theme in the yearathon reading challenge was cover buys and my only books that I solely bought out of vanity were the hunger games trilogy.

I still am not sure, if I ever will be picking up the actual books but they to compliment my selves a lot. I like the story enough to keep it.

I finally had the reason to re-watch the 4 movies (even tho i only realized half was through i never got to see the 4th one) and due to the rainy weather I combined the enjoyable with the profitable and started a new embroidery.


(this is how it looks my unfinished one side by side with my grandmas masterpiece. i still have a long way to go but im slowly getting better at it.)

synopsis is here for those who didnt read it: goodreads


for those who did here are my thoughts on it:

I most enjoyed the second one out of all. I liked the characters the most there and I just did find it more put together than the first one or the last one. the “mutt” is simply a copy paste from the movie called The Descent. I didn’t like either of the romance choices for Katniss, while Peeta was manipulative and doing whatever he could for the viewers (he would be a good youtuber) Gale simply annoyed me with his petty jealousy, his heroism and at the end infuriated me with his cowardliness. Katniss as a main character had flaws that made her so unlikeable that I rooted for Johanna to kill her and almost felt so good when she cut her but when it turned out only her removing Katnisses tracker I felt disappointed.

Johanna would have been the perfect mockingjay. because she had nothing to loose. thats what would have made her stronger symbol and unstoppable. but Katniss had weaknesses like her sister to be manipulated with.there was another character I would have wanted to see more of and it was tigress. as much as they did develop Effies character Tigress was a lot more alive in that brief time we got to see her.

The end was sorta predictable as soon as they dropped bombs to the masses and the message it sent was sorta stupid. I get it, but it is stupid.



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