Sparkling days by Shiramatsu #readorama

Oneshot 35 pages

published in 2013


Tokitou, the author of best seller called “flash” struggles for the next 5 years to write the sequel to his well loved book. His editor, Kushima, is assigned to make him produce the said next work as soon as possible.

The author, however, has met a barrier he cannot overcome without finding the sparkles he has captured in his first book.

his editor decides to move in to motivate him and care for him, but he still cannot show any progress with his work, when he overhears a phone conversation with the chief editor ordering Kushima to go back to the office and pick some other project to overtake, but the editor refuses to give up on the author and his work.

he confronts the editor telling him to go back to the office and that he will give up on trying to write since it is effortless. Kushima gets angry and chases the author to the streets where they encounter shoplifter thugs who steal books to sell them.

Kushima explains that this book and its sequel is important to him because he used to be like that and how the first book saved him. how it brightened up his foul mood and guided him onto the right path. and by that confession Tokitou gets a new flare of inspiration to write.

After getting home and furiously typing out his next book Tokitou realizes that the sparkles coming from Kushima are actually the manifestations of his feeling and how his love grew towards the editor.

from page 31-34 it contains explicit content of their love making.

it doesn’t have a goodreads page and I’m too lazy to make one. I gave it 3/5 stars rating. the story’s premise is good and the characters are good too but its too short. for being a oneshot I would have loved more if I could see the authors background story more detailed and the outcome of the second book whether it wins any awards or makes the bestselling charts.

read it online here



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