#ReadoRama TBR

Read-O-Rama , takes place this week at March 12-18th.

The challenges are the following:

  1. read 7 books
  2. read a book with rama in the title/authors name
  3. read a book with an animal on the cover
  4. read a book with the main character that shares your Initial (if you can’t decide heres a little help)
  5. read a book with irish elements
  6. read a book about illness
  7. start a series
  8. read a book blind (going in without reading description, blurb, reviews, etc. first)

my TBR:

2. sparkling days – Shiramatsu 

3. szegény gazdagok ( poor riches) – Jókai Mór Fénykép1194.jpg

4. sense and sensibility- Jane Austen – Colonel Brandon 208730

5. Sullivan’s woman – Nora Roberts 20810168

6. Mummy from Hell – Ken Doyle and Patrick Doyle 11398456

7 Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell – Susanna Clarke 7105465

8. caged slave – Yukio Takamura & An Kanae 2440415


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