#readorama Caged Slave

Paperback, 152 pages
Published April 22nd 2008 by Digital Manga Publishing
synopsis via Goodreads: When Tsukasa meets a mysterious man in a hotel lobby, and ends up spending a maddening night of pleasure with him. Afterwards, he accepts to meet him again in the same room the following week, despite the fact he doesn’t even know his name. As their secret encounters continue, he finds himself falling in love and is worried that it may not last. Simultaneously, he’s scouted by a business-talent head-hunter and receives an interesting work offer. But when he goes to meet them… his new boss is none other than his secret lover!
while the premise of this novel was very basic, slice of life style, seasoned with a generous amount of adult content any girl/boy who likes to read of same sex couples would appreciate, I found that the background story didn’t balance out equally for the two main character. most of it was Tsukasa’s story and the over and over again drilling monologue about how everyone treated him poorly even though he is like this 100% package who wants a lovey dovey relationship looks good and isn’t demanding in sex. or how he is shamed for his frigid ass, and how lonely he is. we don’t really get a family background on him, only that he works to suffocate his loneliness.
on the other side we get Takeshima’s full angst story of being the bastard son who had to battle his way into adulthood and had to prove himself everywhere.
we got the default evil ex, and the meddling old man parent who wants to set up his descendant with some rich bank owners daughter.
the illustrations are in the middle, I’ve seen better and worse than that.

what was a major turn off for me regardless that this wasn’t that bad to read is the constant typos, the overly complicated translations. there’s one particular line that stuck with me as to  top off the grammatical and translational errors.

like who the hell says the following while having sex? : p.22″ Ah… I can’t take it! I’m going to unravel!”

I gave it 3 /5 stars rating because this could have been so much more.


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