Books I wanna read in 2017

  1. Andre Chamson- the well of miracles (1945)  I had this book from my grandmothers collection and I do remember reading it when I was a teen. It impacted me a lot and theres a lot of underlined quotes in it that must have meant something. so since I dont remember anything from it I would love to re-read it this year.Fénykép1202.jpg
  2. Franz Kafka- the starving artist (1989) a short story collection that contains the metamorphosis and the ‘one country doctor’. 23123083
  3. Balzac- La peau de chagrin (the wild ass’s skin)  (1983) 99742my boyfriend bought it read it and recommended it to me to read it so i hope it will happen this year because 10/10 his recommendations are really good.
  4. Szilvási Lajos – Appassionata (1980) (hungarian author) I cant say much about it because I have no idea what this is about but this was my grandmothers all time favorite book to go to and I’ve seen her read it multiple times, and she even recommended it to me. Fénykép1203.jpg
  5. Natsuo Kirino- out 863846 (2004) I’ve bought this a long while ago and ever since has been enthusiastic about reading it but I really don’t know why I still haven’t gotten to reading it.
  6. Robert Harris – fear index11429709(2011) I got this around the end of last year when there was spookathon around and I still havent read it yet, so im hoping to get to it.
  7. tales from 1001 nights 15835970(1976) I remember this being the fairy tale book I used to hide away in the tool shed when I was little but like 7-8. I remember I just recently learned to read by myself and I would spend hours hidden reading this.
  8. Sophie Hayes- Trafficked (2012)12187771 a memoir about Sophie who went to visit her lover in Italy to spend a weekend with him but when she wanted to return to England her lover snapped and forced her into prostitution.
  9. Stephen King- insomnia (1996) 24014657 I got this book from my aunt 2 years ago and its one of the last ones ive didnt get to read yet.
  10. James Patterson – 2nd chance (2002) 13136 I got the first book from my aunt in the same package as the before mentioned book and I love it so much that ive decided to headhunt the rest of the series and read it.
  11. Arthur Golden- memoirs of a geisha (1997)933
  12. Emile Zola -Nana (1982) ive had this one on my TBR for more than a year. yep, on 2015 oct. I wanted to read it last year but it didnt happen so im hoping to read it this year. Fénykép1204.jpg
  13. Aleksandr Sergeyevich – a leaf pf spring (1961) it is published on one side english and one side russian. contains poems and short stories.fenykep1185
  14. the idiot – Dostoevsky 107844 this was recommended by my boyfriend too so im hoping to get to it this year.
  15. Csomós Robert – vérző sziget ( bleeding island) (2009) I got this from my boyfriends brother and I plan to finish it before autumn because he might be moving away so I wish not to have lingering attachments laying around in the house.
  16. bespotted – Linda Gray Sexton (2014) 20763904 I got this in an exchange of an honest review, started it and just felt really emotional about it. the writing is very rich so I think this would be the perfect winter read.
  17. A. J. Cronin – the stars look down (1966)2398517 one of my all time favorite authors is A.J. Cronin and I plan to get to this giant of a book once I feel in the rut. since those are really good books to get my mood back for reading.

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