Ai dano Koi dano by Ootsuki Miu

Paperback, 164 pages
Published January 19th 2009 by コアマガジン (first published January 5th 2009)
synopsis? via goodreads1-2) The which is love?
“Sheesh, he’ll cry over any type of love. I really can’t understand it.”

Nonami ended up having to comfort the heartbroken Hino after he was dumped by his girlfriend. Even though Nonami thought he couldn’t comprehend it, he was charmed by Hino’s honest feelings. A heartrending story of sweet youthful gravity.

3-5) Senno-yoru

6) Love and goldfish

7) Extra from “The which is love?”

it contains 3 love stories between high school boys, who struggle to confess to their love and win them over even though they are already in love with them.
I can honestly write it in this generalizing style because all of the stories involved are on the same premise and has the same sort of love pairs.
It contains explicit content and there’s a trigger warning for rape which is unfortunately quite often present in boys love manga.
my other concern was that the first story as seen in the synopsis is the first two chapters and the second story stretches out from 3-5 chapters and there’s the third story rushed and crammed into one chapter.
I gave it 4/5 stars because the art style is beautiful and the story is entertaining enough but i just had to downvote it with 1 star because of the rape’s justification.
read it online here 

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