#borrowathon : zombies 1-3 vol. by Olivier Peru

153 pages colored

Pub Date 04 Apr 2017
Insight Comics

I received my copy from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review

Sam struggles to survive in the post epidemic outbreak of a virus that makes people turn into zombies. he is on a mission to be reunited with his daughter and while he receives an insight where he might find her he encounters a girl with epileptic little brother.

Josh, the little boy survives even though his sister gets attacked. the two of them make their way to meet the rest of the survivors in Seattle. there Sam gets himself a girlfriend who figures out after finding Stacy Sam’s daughter between the people quarantined because they were immune to the virus that Sam has been lying to her and that he has been already bitten because he double wrapped his condoms while having sex and avoided kissing her, besides he was already suspicious since he wasn’t surprised by the fact that his daughter is immune.

They discover that the zombies are heading towards where they are stationed and trying to surround them. they get help from Iceland, and they discover that the virus is originated from the USA.

Sam goes on an expedition to secure their borders but the people get slaughtered by the horde of millions of zombies. he survives by getting into a canalization and encountering kids who figured out that with a certain sound they can ward off the zombies, and after gaining the knowledge he is determined to be reunited with his daughter and share his new found knowledge with the rest of the survivors.

while the rest of the survivors get message that Boston is safe and awaiting more survivors they set up a caravan of trucks and buses and head there only to find that zombies are not the only threat to eliminate in order to live a settled life in Boston…

the story is pretty average zombie story a lot like the walking dead elements intervening in it, with the twist of Stephen King’s cell like zombie communications and aims.

the artstyle is remarkable and left me at awe a few times with scenery drawn out like the ones where the millions of zombies are gathered together.


I gave it 3/5 stars.



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