#top5Wednesday -angsty romances – Lgbtq+ comic edition

Sam hosts on her channel and has a goodreads group in which every wednesday top 5 things are discussed/ recommended, and I try to get my two cents in there but I don’t read that many hetero romances to have formidable opinions so I decided to put my top 5 lbgt OTPs that are strong. ( all of the below mentioned mangas contain mature content)

  1. Dark Heaven Dark Heaven Manhwa these two are a singer and guitar player in a band, their love is to die for and for some reason they get separated the singer gets into a pit of prostitution and exploiting him for his body and soul so he can sing in a record and be famous and stuff, while his love gets separated from him and beaten up by a gang of guys, hospitalized, and can never again move his fingers so he cannot play the guitar. how they separated is a mystery that is slowly unraveling in the chapters but its clear thorough the entire comic that they only love each other and no matter with whom they are they long for the other.  follow the author for updates on twitter and read the korean manhwa’s english translation in the titles hyperlink.
  2. Ten Count Ten Count a love story on Shirotani Tadaomi and Kurose. the Mysophobic Shirotani  is asked to write down 10 things as a bucket list to get cured of his phobia. things he loaths  to do or avoids to encounter. Kurose works at a clinic and he set his mind to specialize in Mysophobia due to his past experience. he falls in love with Shirotani  and so does the secretary who always wears gloves to hide his scarred hands since he scrubbed them so much. the story unravels why Shirotani has such a strong urge to kill all germs around himself, and why Kurose is so determined to cure him.
  3. Saezuru Tori wa HabatakanaiSaezuru Tori wa Habatakanai Yashiro who was abused and raped as a child by his mothers boyfriend then abandoned by both of them when he was just a teen had his hopeless first love, whos father had a dept on the clinic he owned and after suddenly passing away, Yashiro without consulting his unrequited love went and begged the Yakuza (japanese mafia) to let go of the property and the dept and he got himself involved with them in order to pay back without his loves knowledge the dept, and at the age 36 he climbed the social ladder of the yakuza by sleeping around. he is mentally scarred and damaged thinking he cannot have sex if it doesnt hurt him. he doesnt mind if he is publicly slutshamed and he stands at the third rank and in line of becoming the second rank executive in the yakuza group when he meets Doumeki who is freshly released from prison and his only choice is to join the yakuza to be a loanshark and because he is picked by Yashiro (he is his type and perfect companionship for Yashiro because Doumeki went impotent after seeing his little step-sister getting raped by his father (he beat his father (a cop) up and was locked into jail for it) to be a bodyguard they build a strong bond, Doumeki slowly rebuilding Yashiros self-worth.  as mentioned up there are strong trigger warnings for the mentioned topics since its a manga and there are explicit graphics in it.
  4. Yondaime Ooyamato TatsuyukiYondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki Tatsuyuki is the son of a yakuza boss who is to inherit the groups leadership, he is fresh and raw quick witted and doesnt really want to get involved in the yakuza business. he meets Koga Nozomi the kindergarten teacher who brings him home with him when he is dead drunk on the streets and they have their first night. its slowly unraveling that Nozomi has an undying love for Tatsuyuki, who cheered him up after their group tracked down Nozomis father who owed them a lot of money and was using his little boy as a substitute for women as well as selling him as a prostitute. Tatsuyuki was around the same age as Nozomi and because he was dressed up as a girl Tatsuyuki thought he was a girl, and he promised to make him his when they grow up and said that guys fight with their fists and girls are good at cooking (since thats all he knew from home) so Nozomi didnt know which role he should be holding onto so he reached almost national championship in boxing and became a great cook too. he makes it his mission to keep his apartment clean and without any sort of odor, what Tatsuyuki notices, and he does his best to treat Nozomi with care and slowly make him break off his past self. I love this manga because it has a really good representation of how you ought to treat, love and care for people who has been victim of rape.
  5. YatamomoYatamomo Momo lived with his prostitute mother and he knew no other way than to become a prostitute himself, until he met Yata who showed him that he is so much more than just a  hole to use for carnal desires.

+ mangas for those who love healthy relationships:

Haru wo Daite ItaHaru wo Daite Ita is about an actor pair who both done adult videos and grow up to be full pledged actors in historical movies and television dramas. their love is build up nicely and they have extremely realistic problems and the ‘angst’ is just as realistic as it can be.

the following series (i try to put it in chronological order) is featuring a high school love 3 people, Yumi who moves away from his school and looses contact with his first love Mayama, Yumi goes out with Hayashida ‘Kan-chan’ who’s personality twists as they get out of high school and Hayashida is forced to work in order to be able to pay for his little sisters art school. Kan-chan, who was once bright as a sunshine with a lot of piercings now breaks under the constant pressure and the abuse and humiliation he forced to get by day by day at  work, and sees his boyfriend Yumi constantly beaming and happy and content with his part time job at a cafe/bar. he snaps and hits repeatedly Yumi who is after a while reunited with Mayama, and the first love puts an end to their abusive relationship. from that point Hayashida will switch companies and meets his junior Shuuna who discovers Hayashidas piercing holes in his ears when they are out drinking with other company members and he takes back home Hayashida and they start a relationship that ‘the monster’ declines whenever Shuuna tries to break down his walls. eventually admitting why he doesnt want to be in a relationship and that he is scared of hitting Shuuna too if he is backed into a corner again. Shuuna instead of abandoning him simply guides him to a right way and he only asks for one thing to see Hayashida smile as he does in the high school photos hanged on his wall.

AzamiAzami (yumi and kan -chans high school days)

Sabita Yoru Demo Koi wa SasayakuSabita Yoru Demo Koi wa Sasayaku where Mayama intervenes and stops Yumi’s abuse.

Renai-rubi no Tadashii FurikataRenai-rubi no Tadashii Furikata  where Hayashida meets Shuuna

Hadakeru KaibutsuHadakeru Kaibutsu  where shuuna is getting transferred from Tokyo to Osaka so they are faced with long distance relationship and we get to see more of Shuunas past.

Narrow - Place CollectionNarrow – Place Collection spin-off short story.

if you know any more feel free to recommend them in the comment section.


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