#readorama (Poor riches) szegény gazdagok – Jókai Mór

readorama challenge read a book with an animal on the cover

1969 szépirodalmi könyvkiadó, budapest,

398 pages

synopsis: an old man who’s time is slowly ticking to its end has to bare with his children a woman with a daughter of teen age, and a grown man who is planning to have a son and with that be in the favor of the old man to inherit his wealth. to get rid of and somewhat satisfy the moneythirsty daugher he seizes the opportunity where a Baron shows up showing interest in marrying the granddaughter.

the granddaughter has a love on her own with her childhood sweetheart the Judges son who is poor as dirt so her grandfather opposes for them to get together. meanwhile a bandit roams the lands stealing jewelry and gold wherever he can.

after the shotgun marriage of the granddaughter they swear fidelity to each other and she is lead on to believe that her childhood sweetheart is the so called ‘black face’ the peril of the area. due to receiving the stolen jewelry what the widow who’s husband was shot during the robbery, shines light upon the stolen black jewelry. and the granddaughter received it with the chosen password they thought out to be able to communicate without others know who sends the letters with the childhood sweetheart.

while the granddaughter is married a woman appears and begs the woman to let go of her love towards the black face so she can be together with him. but after double crossing the other woman too the black face gets injured and hunted down and to try and clear the rumors the granddaughters sweetheart leads the search for the bandit. after tracking him down and cornering him the black face raises gun to the sweethearts but his wife is intertwining and threatens her husband to shoot her too if he wants to bury his secret of being the black face. instead the baron shoots himself leaving his own wealth to his wife, so she can be with her love and still has her own wealth, that liberates her from the strings she is attached by to her grandfather and mother, leaving them to fight between themselves.

my thoughts: like I always say Jokai Mor has a really difficult writing style so you kinda need a lexicon to be able to understand the words but the stories in itself are always entertaining.

I gave it 3/5 stars.

I watched the hungarian adaptation of the novel. you can watch it here (though i dont think the subtitles will work because its an old style of speech of the hungarian language and an old movie with the way its scrambles at places  since its from 1938)


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