top 10 manga 2016

  1.  Hare Kon. Hare Kon. by Non ; this manga is for +18 readers. contains heterosexual explicit content.  Ryu always loved Koharu ever since they were kids. Koharu is plagued by bad love life decisions and has developed a strong distaste for sexual acts of intimacy. She is called home after her father is hospitalized and her mother is having major crisis and she is about to go bankrupt with their family café.  In the small town where there is nothing to do a new trend was legalized, monogamy is now outdated due to the little number of male population so authorities legalized the so called “Hare Kon” (harem marriage) where a male is allowed to have more wives and if a male has 3 or more wives they get benefits from the state like a house and monthly allowance. Ryu who used to live his passion out in  brilliant piano plays now is a loafer who has assets to woo Koharu, more like buy her hand for marriange by paying her familys dept and asking in return nothing more than a cup of coffee everyday and for Koharu to be his wife. the only thing Ryu doesnt tell up front that Koharu is to be the 3rd wife next to the first blond bombshell who loves Ryu for his performance in bed, and the reserved traditional beauty who loves Ryu for his talent with the piano, Koharu who is stubborn as a donkey, has no delicacy, nor outstanding womanly features, sends the once rich family into a low class living situation by having to pay off her familys enormous dept. the manga is about her acceptance of the other wives since her love life has been tragic because she has been seeing a married man who was unwilling to divorce his wife and choose Koharu, her own trauma of intimacy to overcome since each night Ryu spends with a different wife, being it every 3rd day Koharus turn, and coming to accept and love Ryu into her own family and get friendly with the idea that the man will want children from all of his wives and he is not making exceptions or favors any of them more than the other. its got 9.3 /10 rating on mangapark.
  2. Tokyo Ghoul:reTokyo Ghoul:re  by Ishida Sui
    contains violence , rape, murder, and all sorts of fucked up shit. Tokyo Ghoul :re is the continuation of Tokyo Ghoul. :re is the name of the café Touka and the rest of Anteiku team founded in the same sense as Yoshimuras ideal place was but Touka and the rest had to lay low, and they had  suffered heavy losses in the Anteiku raid. Meanwhile CCG goes to turn the amnesiac Kaneki onto their own side and to lead a handful of ghoul/human hybrids engineered by the CCG itself from either bought lifestock or volunteers who are orphans of investigators who were killed in combat.  to make it more interesting the CCG goes to seek out the Aogiri tree hiding on an island and to finish them off as a counter Ghoul act. the entire manga gets really more complex and the worldbuilding is just massive even though it all plays off in around Tokyo and its different wards. the characters we all come to love in Tokyo Ghoul are appearing and getting more and more dept to them, and we get to understand why Kaneki is chosen to be the main focus of all of this. Ishida does a really good job to make you read it with holding your breath while you root for some of the characters and there are some really fucked up things that play down on the island raid but its just so good. its got 9.5 /10 rating on mangapark.
  3. Lookism lookism manhwa by Park Tae Jun it is a supernatural korean comic featuring a single mothers boy who is poor as dirt and collects paper boxes in order to provide for her sons schooling. Park Hyung Suk the main character who is overweight short and bullied once had enough and begs his mother to be allowed to move away and go into another school. once he is settling into the rundown room he can afford to rent, he wakes at night to have been projected into a body of a model looking guy. so he figures he can work at night in a convenience store to be able to support both of his bodies financially, while his fit and trim body can go to school during the day when his overweight body sleeps. he only switches bodies and the body that has been sleeping rouses once the other is asleep. he makes friends, gets into trouble, learns to fight, and falls in love with a girl who has the exact same condition as he has. unfortunately the girl loves him back but doesnt know his secret, and she loves his small chubby self, while he does fall in love with his model like self with the short plump girl’s self. it is really entertaining and has really good morals and the characters are really lovable. it has 9.5 /10 rating
  4. 19 Days 19 day by Old Xian is a complex love story of childhood friends and a bodyguard and a boy whos father is in jail that has smeared his sons name and given him an unjust reputation. its a coming of age story with lots of funny scenes , and a good representation of how you come out to your best friend and the struggle to trying to explain whether you are gay or just in love with them. it is safe for younger viewers too.  itsa got 9.8 /10 rating on mangapark and broadly loved around Tumblr.
  5. Tamen De Gushi Tamen De GushiTamen De Gushi Manhua (their story) by Tan Jiu is a lesbian korean coming of age story published alongside with 19 days. its got the same taste and sense of humor as 19 days so even if you only aim for the male side of the gay relationships this is a really good representation of the female side. its has 9.6 and the mature volume has 9.8 /10 rating on mangapark.
  6. Haikyuu!!Haikyuu!! Furudate Haruichi  Hinata Shouyo is inspired by a player called ” the little giant” who is short but despite that he can jump really high and concour his opponents in Volleyball. he makes a team of his friends in middle school who are into other sports like soccer or basketball, and goes against a powerhouses volleyball team, loosing miserably and swearing to defeat Kageyama Tobio (the dude on the picture) but to his surprise Kageyama doesnt get into his first choice of high school so they get to go to the same school and the same team becoming a setter- wind spiker duo. their goal is to make it to the nationals and to play against their teams old friends team Nekoma where they called the match the cats (nekoma) against the crows (karasuno) and the match was always an iconic one called ‘the battle of the trash heap’, the manga is about their own journey towards that one iconic battle with a lot of lovable side characters, and even for those who arent into sports comics this will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat and read it like theres no tomorrow. its got 9.7 rating on mangapark and its perfectly safe to view.
  7. Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii Fujita it is a manga about two nerds. and by nerds i mean it big time. they were both oblivious about each other during high school but they get to work in the same company and get to work in the same department of testing and developing games. the story is about them agreeing to go out with each other so their family members and friends who dont understand the importance of their geeky side would not get why they get dumped so often. after fake-dating, they slowly fall in love for real. unfortunately the chapters take really long to get updated but it is a really good manga. it has 9.8 rating on mangapark.
  8. HorimiyaHorimiya
    Author(s) Hero
    Artist(s) Hagiwara Daisuke

    Hori is an average pretty girl with good hairdo and sparkly makeup considered a social butterfly. Miyamura is the opposite, wears glasses has long shabby hair and he is  always keeping to himself. they discover each others secret when Hori’s little brother needs to be brought home in one afternoon. Hori is in full housewife gear when Miyamura arrives with her little brother wearing trendy clothes and his ears are fully pierced and his tattoo is showing. Hori doesnt realize its her classmate until he speaks out loud her name and points it out how he knows her.  they form a friendship since Hori’s little brother takes an instant liking to Miyamura and soon they fall in love realizing it only when someone else is about to snatch away their other half. Miyamura comes to slowly come out of his shell by befriending Hori’s friends and cutting his hair and Hori is getting more relaxed with being motherly and homey without feeling ashamed of it that she takes care of the house while her mom is working. since its a high school love romance manga its naturally safe to view. it has 9.8 rating on mangapark.


  9. H-MateH-Mate Manhwa Turtle Feet korean explicit manga with a lot of smut. its a story of childhood friends who make a promise to be together if they grew up the girl saying she only wants to marry someone who is the best in sex in the entire world , and the guy promises to be that one person for her. however they drift apart and the manga is about their rocky on and off relationship. it has 6.3/10 rating on mangapark and while the art is beautiful and I love the entirety of the colored pages the smut and the repeating storyline gets tedious. its like you get a slice of chocolate cake once in a while and you love it but if you have to always have chocolate cake for every meal you gonna get bored of it really quick and thats how overwhelming the smut part of this feels.
  10. Sweet GuySweet Guy Manhwa
    Author(s) Lee Won-sik
    Artist(s) Park Hyeong-jun

    it is a supernatural story with 85% smut of it. it is about a nerdy guy who gets set up by a good looking ex high school classmate who sells him fishy workout equipment. he straps them on and gets electrocuted and develops a power of making anyone submit to him in a really sexual way. while the premise seems silly its quite interesting how the guy traces back to the person who made or sold the equipment how he crushes over the neighbor girl, Lida , who suffers from incurable migraines, the only person who is immune to his powers but only soothed by them. and how they are related by more threads than just being neighbors and after finally becoming lovers they get to know each others dark past. it has 9.1/10 rating on mangapark. even though theres a lot of smut it is beautifully illustrated and the plot is really good.


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