F.H.Burnett – the secret garden

276 pages 1953 móra publishing with illustrations by Rényi Krisztina

Mary Lennox born and raised in India with her father being sick and busy with work and her mom only thinking of parties and how to seduce men around her. the little girl never done anything by herself, had an awful attitude and was extremely rude. when her parents pass away in a sudden outbreak of a virus she gets to live with her uncle who has a hunch on his back.

She moves to England and meets with defiance from the caretakers who proud themselves in keeping the manor and the gardens around it neat. She continues to live with her own selfish and angry mood only starting to change when she meets the boy who talks with the animals , Dickon, and spends more time with him. She is not allowed to go into a locked part of the garden so the first thing she does is to find the key and go into the locked garden.

She hears mournful cries at night and mentions it to the servants who try to play it off as if the wind was playing nasty games with the human mind, but Mary discovers a prince- like boy crying in his sleep.

Turns out the garden is locked because the boys mother Mary’s uncles wife loved the secret garden and she often climbed the surrounding wall to sit on top. when she was pregnant with Colin the handsome boy she fell and died shortly after delivering the child.

Colin is made to believe that he is helpless and sick and that he is growing a lump on his back just as his father does have and thats why he is locked into his room. he closed off his mothers portray with a curtain thinking he looks hideous enough so his mom even if its just a picture shouldnt see him like this, and that it proves that he is ugly that his dad only comes to visit him at night when he thinks Colin is asleep because he cant look directly at him.

when Mary befriends Colin she tells him that she is planning on renewing the secret garden and encourages the boy to get out of his trapped situation. to surprise his father Colin trains his lazy muscles and learns to walk until his dad returns. they clean up and re-plant the garden with the help of the employed gardener and Dickon.

I think that Colin and Mary is a match made in heaven. they are both spoiled rude brats and do not deserve any other than each others company. they both lack delicacy and compassion they both have awful personalities, and I don’t necessarily see why the only likable character Dickon has come to a fate as he did to the end of the book.

the book has a collection of the foreigner names and words kept for the sake of authenticity in my book, which is in my native tongue.

what I disliked in the screen adaptation of the secret garden is the ending. in the book the ending is with the kids meeting Colins father in the secret garden and show him Colins progress and the work they have done on the garden and in the movie it is a completely sappy unnecessary ending of Colin and Mary meeting in the garden as adults and Colin proposing to Mary and they kiss. not to mention in the movie they killed off Dickon just to get him out of the way.

you can watch the movie online here 

I gave it 3/5 rating it was entertaining but the characters were really unlikable.



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