book haul #2. (2015.09.24-2016.03.13)


on the left are the 4 books I still didn’t get to read from this period of time.

the right is the books I’ve already read from the purchased books.

All books were purchased used.

Books I didn’t get to yet:

  1. 2494247 as usually fantastic job this is the second book in the (Sign of Seven #2) trilogy.  so ill have to search for the first one in order to be able to read it, plus a backlash of buying used books it is torn from a few pages. like WTH did your pet rabbit get into it ? or did you run out of toilet paper? i didnt notice it after a few month when i flipped through it interested enough to read it. Fénykép1255.jpg
  2. 12752645 K: The Art of Love by Hong Ying  it is a chinese love story and i remember having a bad experience with this particular seller too. we have a positive/negative voting system and i remember i contacted the seller, they told me the bank account i have to pay onto and the amount and after paying they didnt send the book for a week then i contacted them again and again without getting a respond and when i was reminded that i had to vote on them i gave them negative (after a few they kick you off the site so you cant sell or buy and have to make another account where you have to pay the entry fee again) so after i down voted the seller they immediately got back to me being really angry why i gave them negative and they finally send the book after like a month waiting.
  3. 20619126 A „Fekete Macska” bandája [Fekete könyvek] by Arkady Vayner, Georgy Vayner, Arkady Vayner, János Árvay(Translator) this is a russian crime/mystery book I got for my boyfriend for that particular christmas
  4. 6289027 Indiai regék és mondák by Ervin Baktay (folklore tales from India) I got this one for my boyfriend too.

the books I’ve already read:

  1. 20588698Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned” by Lena Dunham (Goodreads Author), Joana Avillez (Illustrator) 1/5 star
  2. 18690890 2/5 stars
  3. 182723141/5 stars although i liked Maureen Johnson’s story the other two was just horrible.
  4. 628005/5 stars  Image result for kimochi
  5. 634747 5/5 stars
  6. 17692 5/5 stars

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