John Sandford- Dark of the moon

367 pages hungarian translation,  published in 2008 by JLX publishing

I got this book from my aunt who reads enormous amount of this kind of crime/thriller type of books.

Judd the old man lives alone in solitude in his huge house. one night a killer starts their chain of exterminating with the old man, who used to have sex orgies in his younger age and made his wealth by ripping and scamming others off of their money.

the old man gets tied up and dragged to the basement, soaked in gasoline and lit on fire along with the entire house.  Virgil Flowers the agent gets to investigate the fire since its obvious that it was intentional.

while he starts the investigation religious type of murders starts to happen in the small town. the sheriff, the morgue technicians and the undertaker gets a bullet to the heart and their eyes shot out and they are being publicly displayed by the killer who made their corpse sit in front of their house or the back yard.

the investigation leads on multiple threads, to be made suspect Judds son who is to inherit the wealth his illegitimate daughter, the priest who is an ex criminal. making the upcoming elections shaky for the police departments people who get involved in shady business.

they slowly unravel the truth about the person who does the killing and why the gunmaster does what he does with their precise shots.

it was tedious, at least to say, the main character was made to be dressed in rock band t-shirts to give him a quirk, made him to daily 50 push-up and sit ups and go on jog, so he be the eyecandy ideal macho man. but he was just awful. he talked about a womans behind as if a ranked piece of meat, he had multiple marriages and even had a one night stand with his ex wife? while he dated the first victims illegitimate daughter. just awful.

I specifically hated the grammar errors of the translation where they divided words on the end of the row in the wrong place making it harder to read. the translator misused words multiple times (the meaning was completely out of context) there were words repeated and not the correct english grammar kind (for example ‘had had’… etc.) and I made one doggy ear and its not a quote its the place where the writer apparently decides to stop the previous writing style and start with the daily diary like format.  it was obvious who the murderer was from the time Virgil visits the old woman who talks about the man from the moon, like, seriously?

the only positive thing I can say about the print that its a soft paperback where the spine didnt break while I read it and obviously my aunt previously read it too. she really needs to step up her game in this type of entertainment.

I gave it 2/5 stars.

since its the beginning book of a series, will I read the rest of the series? no, hell no.

will I purposefully purchase anything from this author? no.


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