otonari complex (neighbor complex) by Nonomura Saku



Comedy ; Gender bender ; Romance ; Shoujo
Type Japanese Manga – Read from right to left.
Release 2016
Status Ongoing

it is safe to view for younger audience!

synopsis: Makoto is a boy with a make-up artist mom and big sister, who sacrifices his manly man-hood for the sake of the neighbor girl, Akira, who was always taller and more boy-ish than Makoto. they grew up playing together, and Akira playing with always Makoto became to like video games and comfortable men clothing. to save Akira from his mom and sis Makoto lets them to put a wig on him and dress him into girls clothing.

as Makoto grows cross-dressing becomes a hobby. Akira never cares about Makoto wearing womens clothes and even goes out with him in full cross-dress to shop for more girly stuff. Makoto however is a straight buy. he has a one sided crush on Akira for as long as he remembers and when an old bully comes back into picture saying Akira is totally his type being tall having long legs and they type who has clear skin and would be spectacular if she dolled herself up, Makoto goes rampant and confesses to Akira.

thoughts: I love the theme and the way it approaches cross-dressing as nothing more than a hobby or a form of art to feel cute about yourself. I like the side characters who either in love with the cross-dressing Makoto who is prettier than the average girls around campus. or the old middle school classmate who was a plain girl and got saved by the short Makoto. falling for the guy she dolled up and put so much effort into looking her cutest, and she becomes really mad when Makoto turns her down saying he likes someone else. I like the real life -like petty arguments and the efforts. the manga does a great job in magnifying the emotions like Japanese people usually do.

I gave it 10/10 on Mangapark and 5/5 on Goodreads.



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