#tometopple Shakespeare- 5 drama

515 pages

isbn:963 07 53189

contains: Romeo and Juliet

Julius Caesar

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

A midsummer-night’s dream

twelfth-night; or, what you will


the only thing I liked from this one was ‘a midsummer-night’s dream’ and the rest of it was MEH.

literally MEH. I can’t give  a composed review on them because they didn’t interest me one bit. I didn’t care for Shakespeare on high school and I still don’t care for him. his stories are nothing new they don’t bring me , personally, any morals. they are not the kind of stories that stay with you for a long time because they have impacted your life so much, to me, they are the kind of stories you have to read for school and that’s it. there’s nothing more to it. so I naturally gave 2/5 stars for my own effort to read them. so that 2 stars is praising me as a woman of culture not the book / writer in its work. I’m admitting that I’m guilty of buying this book for the sole purpose of it looking good on my shelf next to my same edition of Franz Kafka book.

Image result for i see you are a man of culture as well


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