vérző sziget (bleeding island) – Csomós Róbert

language : hungarian

published: 2009 by Timp publishing Budapest

281 pages

memoir, non-fiction

the writer tells his time setting up from 56′ when there was a rebellion starting and passing in Hungary where people were either fleeing or got slaughtered for being part of the resistance against the russian pressure they felt.

it takes place near Tel Aviv, where the writer goes with his dog wrapped in a blanket like a baby and taking the dog called Bleki, onto the plane to reach the old-new-land. where he settles and gets to learn how to dive and fish. up until the beginning of the 60’s, when the entire place starts itching and they get pulled in without selection to train.

those who stand their feet on the ground get to be in special forces, learn how to shoot like a sniper and to survive. regardless of how they joke to hold their spirits up they were tough guys. they survived risky situations and had to live non-stop with the guns in arms reach. the only pillars were Bleki the dog and his wife “the little murderer” who was almost executed for murdering her previous husband.

I read everything word by word up to around page 70-90 something after i skimmed through the book because it was just notoriously chasing the never ending line of enemies of the country.

I wont rate it because I don’t feel like its right to rate someones life story. but for those who know hungarian and want to learn about how that land over and over fucked itself this is a read for you.


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