soushi souai by Liberum

theres Wakamatsu the delinquent who is good at fighting and dyes his hair to blond. and theres the strict parents daughter Megumi who has a major crush on the boy. what she doesnt know that he has a major crush on her too. they think they are too different from each other and therefor they would stand no chance if they were to confess their feelings. he overhears the conversation she has which is mainly gushing about how much she likes him, so they decide to go out. the end of vol.1 was a major cliffhanger and I cant wait for more.


the manga is actually really funny with situations like this ;

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it has cliffhangers at the end of the chapters. I need more than 13 chapters of this.

you can also go on the artists tumblr to support their work. and you can read the entire thing here 


i feel this girl on so many levels.



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