beauty and the beast 1+2 from Tokyopop


I received this copy in exchange of an honest review from Netgalley.

1st. volume: 178 pages

Published April 18th 2017 by TokyoPop

the first volume is Belle’s tale where we get to  know of her background.





she carries an important message for women to hold themselves more than just “dishwasher”. she teaches kids to read and to  the joy of reading and being able to experience different places even though you are emotionally dutifully or financially bound to a place. she stands up to those who are but un-educated to even uphold an argument.

Gaston turns out to be a little more than just a macho dumb man like the original movie portrayed him to be. he was a commander in war and respected between people because of his skills.

we get to know actually that Belle asks for a rose from his fathers trip and he steals it from the beast and that is the reason why he is locked up, so because Belle feels like she should be the one punished she offers to exchange herself for her father.


the story actually explains a lot better why Belle began to see the good in the beast and start to open up to him and remain patient with him. their mutual love for literature is a very good starting point to their relationship.

I like that Belle isnt as helpless heroin as in the first animated movie I’ve seen her in. that she has tricks to open locks and to make decisions for herself.

I liked that the author actually took the time and draw out the fashion elements of the era and included the historical happenings as well as did not white-washed the story and included people of color in it.



there are some behind the scenes elements what I always love in manga’s back.

I gave it 5/5 stars rating on goodreads.

vol.2: the beast’s tale



Paperback, 160 pages
Published March 28th 2017 by TokyoPop
the beast has a very different perspective of viewing things and even though for the common people small things such as picking a rose from the garden or entering a home without getting invited in just because the door wasnt locked and eating food that is left outside is magnified and it is irking to those who live in solitude and offered to no kindness or compassion when they need it. Beast is exactly like that.


he learns to let go of his anger and accepts his own grief and finds peace in himself. he wasn’t selfish to begin with. he did let Belle’s father spend the night and eat his food without getting allowance to it actually. (that’s trespassing tho) but with Belle on his side be could actually feel self-worth and that is the love that should have been conveyed clearer in the early version of Disney’s animation.

I havent watched the movie recently coming out yet but the trailer had an exact like what the movie had so I am anticipating to watch it.

I loved beast’s story even, more than I loved Belle’s.

easily a 5/5 stars read.




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