april 2017 book haul

I have bought in total 17 books and received one as a freebie to my purchase.

I bought all these from online secondhand dealer.

ill list the price in serbian dinar next to the book.


114129   120

34514159 1+2 together 200

10571801 ( he is the author of the house of sleeping beauties) 295

22283926 28020195 the two together was 400 and i have to admit i bought them because i have from my grandmother the same edition of the appasionata which was her favorite book of all time.

79378  99 i bought this because i like the author. i did not realize this is the 6th book in a series- good job me!

1852342718523432 they were 240 together

5064 300 i didnt miss a lot here this is the second book in the pillar of the earth series

22026388 108 and it contains 5 novels and its a beautiful book with library smell and amazing illustrations

5781752 350 yes this is a sewing book because i wanna learn move efficiently to use my sewing machine

and here comes the bestest part:

19462540 10 yes i did not leave off any 0’s i got this for 10 serbian dinar and theres a few others from this treasure

716780 143 and it is a 56 limited edition copy with the authors signature in it

1458923 10 , it is  a copy of the book that belonged to the us army grafenwohr training area on a bookmobile. imagine the adventured this book has gone through and its a really well preserved copy even though it was published in 1948 i have this exact book in hungarian in paperback so im just gonna put this hardback into my collection

22397705 10 , and theres the book sellers stamp in it. from A.M. Heath & co. LTD. 35 dover street London W.1. England

and finally the freebie  :







    • I think its gonna be a real hassle to get the first one. I always do this. in serbia I only ever buy used books because you can buy a lot of books in the price of a brand new book. its hard to find good ones but Im always out on a look. I think if I cant get it for a certain while ill just read the kindle edition.

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