#AYearAThon May TBR Pile

this months theme is rereads so I’ve decided to torment myself with a trip down to memory lane and fish out the books ive read or supposed to read for school.

Hungarian Authors:

  1. Fekete István – Kele 6368426 its about the bird… 304 pages
  2. Lőrincz. L. László (frank cockney)  – 4 black coffins 30175299 262 pages
  3.  jókai mór- a kőszívű ember fiai –  9566988525 pages

1001 nights tales – arabian nights tales by anonymous 15835970 198 pages

andre chamson – the well of miracles   279 pages (this should be the worst of the worst because its the exact same copy ive read while i was in my late teens struggling through a lot of shit and i even have underlined stuff in the book what i thought relatable

stephen king – the stand 1454116 1327 pages

26011938 middle grade from a german originated author translated into hungarian, theres only polish, hungarian and german translation available. 266 pages



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