currently reading 2017.05.08

15808673on page 19. fantasy romance novel with the premise of a crippled prince who was broken on the battlefield, and now inheriting the throne after his fathers die. theres a girl with black hair who is trained as an assassin to seduce and kill the emperor.

thoughts so far: its pretty bloody obvious where this is going since its labeled as romance. the book is small and packed with tiny font so reading it takes a while plus there are a lot of words I have to look up as a non-native English speaker.


on page 13. it is the story collection of Seherezad who tells a tale to her little sister and the ruler of their land so that he can fall asleep hoping he will have mercy on the girls he imprisoned because the girl he wanted to marry loved someone else and they escaped from the country beyond where the rulers hand can reach. but Seherezad’s tales make him sleep well even though he suffered up until meeting her from insomnia.

the book was the very first book I had when I was a child so seeing the illustrations again brings back the good times when I was still undisturbed.

32202287 on page 63.

this is an arc via netgalley. its a comic about a surveillance robot who is set out to watch the dessert, but the robot starts to question its purpose since it doesn’t see anything valid in what it is doing so goes to the factory to get its question answered but instead it just gets into the disassembly line so it makes and escape with the help of its bird friend.

Tokyo Ghoul:re the latest chapter is 123.

Hare Kon.the latest chapter is 85

Finder the latest chapter is 55

tMaria (Kero) im just beginning it going in blind. apparently its a one shot.

Rengoku no Karma im going in blind. its got 12 chapters so far up on mangapark

Genre(s) Drama ; Horror ; Mature ; Mystery ; Shounen

19 Days chapter update 199

i got this as an arc from netgalley via Diamond BookShelf Recommended Reads for Spring 2017 |  View online 

 I got this as an arc from netgalley and since i liked the first and second volume i decided to get the third too. its a steampunk themed really well drawn adventurous comic.

6368426 its a book we got after my boyfriends moms cousin passed away. its a hungarian classic and supposed to be read in gradeschool.  its about the bloody bird that annoys me everyday since they have a nest across the park where i live.


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