The Fear Index by Robert Harris

‘Britain’s leading thriller writer’

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more like 323 pages of utter bullshit.

the book was published in 2011 and it says in it as narration comment or whatever the hell they wanna label that mess of a writing that something similar to the stock exchange mess happened in 2010. the beginning was good but there’s just a cluster of unnecessary numbers and trading paste-in’s. If this is a thriller, nobody CARES ABOUT YOUR DAMN WALL STREET TRADING DEAL MONEY SLOT MACHINE.

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not only the fill in is retarded as it is talking about gazzillions of dollars, there’s just no real action aside from one tiny slip of scene. the characters are all old farts and even though they are being “scientists” they have the athletic stamina of an Olympic runner.

the writing “style” was utter shit. the author doesn’t really differentiate from monologues to thoughts to conversations and there’s an example on page 237 where its started writing in “he thought…” and then the next paragraph without any notification mark ; But I am not mad, he thought.

even though I write like shit even I know its not the correct way to write it. GO BACK TO FRICKIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL WE HAVE LEARNED THIS IN 4TH GRADE

“But I am not mad.” – he thought. or But I am not mad. He thought.

the ending was plain boring there could have been a scene where the wife’s life gets threatened. (its cliche but still better than this boring crap) and something a little more premised for the “villain ” of the book.

I gave it 2/5 stars on goodreads and the only thing I gave it more than one star is because I respect the research that went into clipping this shitty “fiction” book together.




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