book haul #3 (2016.03.13- 2016.04.01)

in total i purchased 13 books and ive already read 5

(good job me)

Image result for applause gif


 (i just cant be bothered to rotate it for ya, turn your heads…(its a good double chin exercise) )

the ones ive read are

Madach Imre: the tragedy of man (mandatory read in high school in hungary) is a stageplay of Adam and Eve who is cast out of Eden and Adam always gets tempted by Satan , Related image

and Eve always steps in to save his sorry ass…

Milorad Pavic: forever and a day is basically the copycat of the tragedy of man just with a serbian writer and a tini tiny bit different setting.

Yamada Taichi – I havent dreamed of flying for a while is a really good fiction book. yamada taichi always puts ghostly supernatural elements into his books and it just has such a good tone to it plus its super fast to get through. Image result for kimochi

Karen Chance- something shadow and whatever how its translated im not even gonna bother look into the book. its a TRASHY WRITTEN TRASHY VAMPIRE ROMANCE BULLSHIT.

Image result for worst deal in the history of deals

and now the books ive not yet read because of reasons:

ill just leave the goodreads link (if theres any) here

  1. The Judas Tree by A.J. Cronin

  2. Peregrine (Frank Janek #1) by William Bayer

  3. Görög regék és mondák by Imre Trencsényi-Waldapfel

  4. The Woman from Sarajevo (Bosnian Trilogy #3) by Ivo Andrić

  5. Sayonara by James A. Michener

  6. The Prodigal Daughter (Kane & Abel #2) by Jeffrey Archer

  7. The Russian Forest by Leonid Leonov, Леонид Леонов

  8. Fekete bársonyban by László Passuth

sorry for the long post have an extra cute picture of my handsome cat



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