Look by Jon Nielsen

i received my copy as an arc from netgalley.

Hardcover, 144 pages
Published April 1st 2017 by NBM Publishing
synopsis via goodreads: Artie is a droid programmed to endlessly perform a single task left in a world abandoned by humans. He is starting to wonder what meaning his task has. But when he and his only friend, Owen, a robotic bird, cast aside the only lives they’ve ever known in search of a brighter future, they encounter others that want nothing but to hold tight to the past. Join Artie the Robot and Owen the Vulture for a light-hearted, sci-fi adventure as they journey far and wide for the answer to one of life’s greatest questions: “Why are we here?”
my thoughts: the artform is really basic and even though the cover was really inviting the content is just lacks attracting attention. I think it was targeted towards a young audience and the lack of colors kind of makes it dull. the story is really basic and there are lot of cliché morals which are good for kids to learn without anything too harsh to it. the animals talk (turn out to be robots themselves) and robots are having feelings . helplessness , hopeless desperation to find purpose, anger, and such emotions are displayed by robots which were programmed by other robots to perform single tasks such as lumbering and surveillance.  Artie goes into the abandoned city and continues his search for someone it can talk to about why do they exist? but there’s no humans left behind and the buildings are inhabited by robots. the ending is never my favorite if it turns out “and all was well” so I’m really conflicted about it. there’s nothing new nothing exciting nothing exceptionally gripping about it. its the same old morals repolished and pushed into a little robots tale the cover and the description was really misleading in its content that wasn’t really worth the marketing of a pretty outside.
I gave it 2/5 stars on goodreads.

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