Maria (Kero)

this review contains spoilers!

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one shot : means the story is crammed into one chapter

One shot ; seinen ; slice of life ; tragedy

there is smut in it but you cant really see anything so yeah, just a disclaimer, also TW.: drug abuse, sex worker, prostitution, mafia, murder

the story starts out as an ordinary girl struggles to make the living while working at an oversized company and living with her mom where as they are months late with paying the rent. on top of that she gets nagged by her mothers that her old classmates all have stable jobs who make money enough to live an enjoyable life and enter a family of their own blaming her daughter for lacking all those things.

on top of that the girl gets fired from her work but meets the Ceo’s son in the elevator who is at her description “born with a silver spoon in his mouth”. he offers her to pay millions only to accompany him for a night.

but the story doesnt turn out to be a Cinderella story as always is cliché, the guy has sex with her and overdoses her with drugs after calling an acquaintance to help get rid of the body.



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