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its been bugging me for a while  now but I just can’t keep it in anymore. as someone who doesn’t upload videos but still watches others on youtube, I feel like there’s really a huge amount of commercialism in it. I stopped commenting because, when people say in the videos “tell me what you think about it or leave opinions ” and I told what made me unsubscribe from them they felt offended. like frickin kindergarten offended. some of them even made a video about me (its apparently easier to talk to the camera and upload an unedited shouting than just reply to an e-mail (which is by the way meant to be private content and not to be read out loud)  )


  1. unboxing videos: I’ve unfollowed a fair amount of people who receive and unbox subscription boxes for the purpose of solely getting a free box set or even getting paid by the company to do so. its hindering my judgement on the persons “recommendations” and all forms. since they are paid to say positive things.
  2. fishing for numbers: I’ve seen it recently on both videos and twitter that people are pressuring others to push up the number of subscribers they have.
  3. trying to pressure followers to use your affiliate links/donate you money: I get it that the economy is shit and you all wanna be the next rich thing on the internet, but I think that stuff where you donate things should be used for actually a cause and not for your enhanced lifestyle, if you got a job and you are able to pay for the roof above your head have clean water, canalization, enough money for keeping your personal hygiene, and puts enough food on the table that you wont starve I don’t see the point in making a fund for yourself. its cool to get stuff and all but I think the most repulsive thing is to pressure others to give you. because humans fundamentally feel empathy and with this you are just making them feel guilty if they don’t want to/ cant afford to finance your petty little needs for overpriced books.  so in my opinion its a shit thing to do.
  4. unpopular opinion that you contradict: if you try to promote classic books and anything other than ya, why on earth are you surrounding yourself with the “most popular” ya books? you simply make an ass out of your mouth when you moan about how much you don’t wanna see something when you putting the exact same crap out.
  5. mistreating your pet: yes I’ve seen someone talk to their elderly dog harshly and telling them to exit the room because they were “hindering” their video making. if I see you be an asshole to your pet I don’t even wanna hear an other word you have to say.
  6. dirty environment: I don’t mean it in a way when someone apologizes for not making their bed when they make a video, but like, if someone continuously has an extremely messy room my ocd kicks in and I will not want to look someones used underwear hanging on the armrest of the chair. and im not being overdramatic about it.
  7. being a dirty little thief : tag videos and read-a-thons come and go, so a few times I’ve tried to chat up people some of them were nice enough to either decline for buddyread some actually wanted to do it but for some reason completely ignored me, which is fine, its not that big of a deal you’ll just have 1 less follower and that’s that. I’m that petty. if you promise something stick to it. but somehow the least annoyed i get when someone straightforwardly declines. what i have encountered recently tho, oh boy, i had an idea and i told that idea to someone and they never really responded (but man technology is amazing to even show if someone has read the message i sent) so they come up with the idea i wanted to discuss but they never got back to me and they created that idea with their close circle of friends saying it was their idea. oh man. i just felt like such a pushover and because I don’t have the willpower to stand up to someone who has a fairly good amount of followers i just unfollow them and that’s the end of the story.

I would like to open a discussion about it and hear if I’m the only one who has bad experience(s) that’s keeping them away from booktube or certain booktubers.

please feel free to leave a comment to let me know what your experiences are.


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