The Marsh King’s Daughter Sampler by Karen Dionne


so first we get a small chunk of a paragraph that tells about an Egyptian princess who is bullied, frightened by the marsh king and fallen into a swamp sinking down.

its like room but with a daughter.

fun fact: i never knew you can eat cattail. where i live we only burn it down to get to the water to fish.

to be honest I really get our main characters perspective. I myself don’t really have much interactions in life since I don’t exactly like the idle small talk moreover if its about people. and the village people have no mind to discuss smarter things than that.

we get the intro as Helena the child abductor’s, Jacob Holbrook’s daughter is returning home from a camp with her daughter Mari when she hears the radio alert that her father , whom she put into prison, escaped. the premise is good and the beginning is captivating enough to be easily a good read so I’m looking forward to read the rest of it.



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