currently reading 2017.05.17

I was at the agricultural fair in a near city and on the way there on the bus ive read 34 pages of Identity by Milan Kundera: (if you wanna see pictures of the agricultural fair go to my instagram

Currently reading

(its a philosophical book with a lot of metaphors so i think my boyfriend will like this.)

im slowly progressing with 15808673 im on page 57 because i just dont have the time to sit down and read as much as I want to.

ive got this months re-read the arabian nights 15835970 and im still on page 18.

and ive just started this arc 34355814

im also reading the chapter updates of the following mangas: (since mangapark is down again ill only put the yaoi ones here.)

[Ogeretsu Tanaka] Yarichin ☆ Bitch Club (update c.10) [Eng][TOKOKURA Miya] Life Senjou no Bokura (update c.3) [Eng][HASUMI Hana] Pendulum: Kemonohito Omegaverse (update c.4+Extra) END [Eng][KUSABI Keri] Seifuku wo Matoeba, Umaku Uso ga Tsuketa no ni (update c.5) [Eng][Tadano] Mitsuyaku (Bakemono BL Anthology) [Eng][ICHIKAWA Kei] Bright Light Sprout (update c.4) [Eng]

[YOSHIDA Yuuko] Aku yori Aku (c.1) [Eng][MOMOKI Sae] Kijima-kun vol.3 – Kijima-kun no Abunai Hatsu Date (update c.5+Extra) END [Eng]


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