KITAZAWA Kyou] Koishite Daddy+Love Kids!!

Koishite Daddy is a story of a freshly divorced single father, Itou/Satou (sometimes translated differently) raising his little son, Rintarou, who gets closer to their neighbor, the student Takahashi who is gay. Takahashi babysits Rintarou and slowly warms up into the family. there is a little bit of smut but not obscenely and unnecessarily much. its more focused on the emotions and the character development.

Love kids!! is the second volume of Koishite Daddy with the story of Rintarou and Kyo-kun his childhood friend. this one is more of an innocent love story and only the 6th chapter has a tiny bit of nakedness without seeing the naughty parts.

5/5 stars and I recommend it for those who are +16 and beginning at the boys love section of the manga shelves.

read it online here

theres also a sequel called Koisuru Daigo – sensei what you can download hereĀ 




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