The Circle by Damon Clark, Alyzia Zherno (Contributor)

Paperback, 132 pages
Expected publication: June 13th 2017 by Action Lab Entertainment
i received my copy from netgalley in exchange of an honest review.
the story has a very basic set up. Christian and his dad move to a small town after his mom passing away in a sudden illness. he is a wimpy guy with no real feat to him. he attracts bullies and the weird kids hook him around their fingers pulling him into an underground cave where they perform a ritual to get supernatural powers.
the trick to it is that they have to kill the members of the circle and only one can stay alive.
the writing was a pageturner and i devoured it in one sitting. however the illustrations in a few places were really poor. the cover is obviously a clickbait but if you like a middle-grade-ish horror graphic novel this one is an excellent choice.
i gave it 4/5 stars simply for the lacking illustrations skills (I can say it honestly that a lot of korean artist while keeping it colored thorough the entire work they have much better anatomy and illustrations of movements however the horror-esc drawings weren’t that bad.

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