Identity – Milan Kundera

**this review contains spoilers**
Paperback, 168 pages
Published April 21st 1999 by Harper Perennial (first published October 29th 1997)
its only categorized as fiction/European fiction- Czech literature, but I would rather categorized it as philosophical fiction.
I gave it 2/5 stars on Goodreads.
it started out with a woman who’s previous husband died and her present lover have to deal with her sort of still hung onto her previous husband and the self she had when she was married to him. because in a sense our partners /or friends and family all shape our identity and sense of self.
she is struggling to acknowledge time passing over her and she gets really upset over the fact that she doesn’t find herself beautiful, as beautiful as she was when she was married to her previous husband. her concern is that men don’t catcall her and don’t turn after her on the streets. she struggles with sleep and starts receiving letters from a secret admirer/stalker. the letters go as far as to invite her to London to have a date with that said unknown man.
she has a fight with Jean-Marc, and goes by plane to London to meet the man in a crowd and even though Jean-Marc follows her giving a confusion as if he was the one writing the passionate letters , he gets furious even more than before and follows the man into his room and blanks out the night only to wake up naked and have a sense of weirdness over many unknown man touching her body and the British man calling her Anne, refusing to acknowledge her real name, Chantal, and pass her along to his fellow men to do with her whatever they want and refusing to explain the situation to her only telling her he is busy and will talk with her when he has the time.
at this point I had a lot of problems with simply reading the book because the characters and the happenings were jumbled, and it was really difficult to read because the words were overly empathized and over-dramatized, to the point that it felt uncomfortable to read it. It made me feel inferior to the characters who were discussing the meaning of life, who were challenging each other in the conversations to stand by and explain their point of view. It made me feel like they were intellectually above me and it is something I really hate in as much as in people as in authors.
so up till the last couple of pages it was a 3 star book, but it dropped back down to a 2 star when it ended with her getting waken up by Jean-Marc telling her it was all but her delirious nightmare from the moment of her starting to receive the letters.
I will keep the book for that only one segment where she was trapped by the British man, but I will most probably never pick it up to re-read.

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