love and Mr. Lewisham by H. G. Wells

Mass Market Paperback, 240 pages
Published 1946 by Penguin Books (first published January 1st 1899)
synopsis via goodreads:
Mr Lewisham, a young and highly ambitious schoolmaster, falls in love with Ethel Henderson, a young lady visiting his Sussex village. When Ethel returns to London they promise to keep in touch but as time passes their letters go astray. A few years later, we are re-introduced to Mr Lewisham, now a student at the Normal School of Science in London. Having searched in vain for Ethel, his life revolves around study and a flirtation with fellow student Alice. But just as things are all set with Alice, he runs into Ethel at a séance he has attended out of curiosity. There he realises that Ethel is the niece of a charlatan ‘medium’, and closely involved in his dealings. His memories of their time in Sussex wrestle in his mind with his feelings of disgust for all things spiritual, as his love for Ethel forces him to reconsider his political and scientific beliefs.
my thoughts : I loved it all and all. the story of a boy becoming a man and his horns of dreams being torn off by something so fundamental as love. I love how love could be a pretty face with an empty head, or an average face with a mind that lifts up the mans brain and helps him set off. unfortunately for Mr. Lewisham he doesnt abide by the sober mind but gives into the teary eyed beauty who ruins him.
rating: 5/5 stars. even though i waited nothing out of this battered and torn book thinking “oh it will be another dull classic” it was really grasping my attention. i listened to it on audiobook here but because the last 2 chapters or so is cut off i read the rest from the book. I loved the language and I loved the actual conversations in it.

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