try a chapter //June 2017

so I got out 5 books trying to figure out what to read next…

so my 5 choice was (in order of reading them):

  1. William Landay: Mission Flats    its a jumping back and forth crime novel where the happenings were a little hard to follow, I read 26 pages and the font is quite alright its big enough not to bitch about , what I liked tho was the gore. the vivid details (could have been even more detailed for my sick tastes) also if you are “triggered” by explicit content like a robber forcing the patrolling cop who confronts him to his knees and makes him give him a blowjob (nobody asks about their sexual preferences) and then shoots him in the head. then probably this book isnt for you.
  2. Dixie Lyle : a taste fur murder  I bought this book last year around this time because one of my cats (my firstborn and raised kitten) went missing so I wanted to read it because it got to me that the synopsis was describing a female main character whos long dead cat returns and starts to talk to her. I read till page 16 and I’m sorry to say but currently as i have read so many good written books the writing of it is just really mediocre like as if a high schooler has written it as a school assignment… the main character is an obnoxious mary sue and its really bothering me how she looks down on people.
  3. Anita Shreve: Eden Close  I would honestly slap the hand of the person who gave award for this writer. like COME ON! the 16 pages ive read is about a nasty high schooler his nasty parents nasty ass scratching in the summer heat and it was like in 3 lines done that the neighbors girl was raped her father murdered and her mother running to this family for help and the person who did the crimes chasing after her and firing shots. but the rest of the 16 pages is literally just how these people are bored of life.
  4. Ken and Patrick Doyle : Mummy from Hell   its a memoir of the two boys who survived their childhood which was robbed of anything joyous. their mom had like 7 kids and their dad a so-so alcoholic went to america to make better money and to escape his psychotic wife. leaving the two boys completely at mercy of the woman. she humiliates and tortures her own two son and she is aware of what is is doing because after the beatings she locks them into a room till their bruises fade and she even makes the other kids who are well off watch them so they wont sneak out of school to get to dumpsters to eat bread with mold on it or to steal their schoolmates lunch, or get some leftovers from the local restaurants on their way home. (they are not poor or anything she just has a tick for fucking up these two boys) the font is really nice and its a fast paced really fascinating book , tho at times it will churn up your insides if you have a weak stomach. im on page 47.
  5. Peter James a twist of the knife  I literally have no mood to start it simply because the font is so darn tiny. its a short story collection and might be good but…

So all in all ill go with Mummy from Hell because it got my interest.

thank you for reading my rambling first impressions.


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