make up book tag // summer edition

1. PRIMER: pick a book that left a lasting impression

#bookstagram #makeupbooktag #primer

I dont prime but i use a mixture of Q10 cream and SPF30 suncream to start moisturize. Lasting impression was one of my favorite 100 years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and its a book I can re-read as many times as i want to and still love it.
2. FOUNDATION: pick your favorite first book in a series

#bookstagram #makeupbooktag #foundation

I just recently read Vurt and it has more than one book so im counting it in and the best first book, and the other was red rising. i just loved it. i use foundation only when i have to go to places important like wedding or any other IMPORTANT place. I hate covering up my face other than that. if its a hot day i use only bb cream in the medium color because in the summer i tan nicely and in the winter i use max factors whipped cream foundation ever since i was 16.
3. CONCEALER: pick a character you wish you could get rid of

#bookstagram #makeupbooktag #concealer #avon #essence

concealer goes a little more often than foundation. girl gotta cover up the pimps. i use avon concealer in medium color in the summer and essence camouflage in nude color in the winter. I loathed pumpkin in the memoirs of a geisha, and I hated the girl who seduced our main guy in ‘I haven’t dreamed of flying for a while’
4. POWDER: pick your favorite last book in a series

ill skip this one because even though i finished twilight and harry potter i dont like the last books and other series havent gotten so far + I dont use powder to set and double layer my face.
5. EYEBROWS: a book that you think everyone should read

#bookstagram #makeupbooktag#eyebrows #goldenrose

I only use the one eyebrow pencil i swear by. its from Golden Rose in the number 308 which is perfect in my opinion for someone like me who has ashy dirty blond / slightly ginger hair.  I think its by far the best eyebrow pencil ive used and im sticking by it. the book everyone should read is  never let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro. its a really morbid tale about kids who are kept only to give their organs as donors without even questioning if they want it and they will think its a privilege and for those who survive giving multiple organs and stay crippled for like ( most of them dont make it) the ones who do are promised a peaceful retired life and its a tale of lovers who want to be set free.
6. EYESHADOW: pick a book that has your favorite colors on the cover

#bookstagram #makeupbooktag#eyeshadow #urbandecay #naked

for summer i try to stick with yellow and pink and red-ish colors in my eyeshadow and my aesthetically pleasing book of choice is Stephen Kings skeleton crew
7. EYELINER: pick a dark & mysterious book


I dont use eyeliner, but the dark book i recommend is night film
8. MASCARA: pick a loooooong book

#bookstagram #makeupbooktag#mascara #goldenrose

I use whichever golden rose mascara because they work best for me. the longest book im pretty intimidated to read is jodi picoults house rules.
9. CONTOUR: pick a book you got a deep meaning out of.

#bookstagram #makeupbooktag #bronzer #llums

I contour and highlight with LLums marbleized bronzer which gives a really pretty shine. and the deepest book ive read was animal farm and i just loved it how well it was fitting any sort of government really it doesnt matter if you live in uk, japan, germany or usa its the same everywhere i think and this is a brilliant representation of it.
10. BLUSH: pick a book that had some cringe-worthy romance

#bookstagram #makeupbooktag#blush#essence

I only use blush very few times because i dont wanna look like im a fat girl having a stroke so i take any blush that isnt intense. the most annoying romance was in hunger games without the romance, it might have been a good concept for a book but the romance ruined it for me.
11. HIGHLIGHTER: pick a book that brightened your day

#bookstagram #makeupbooktag #highlighter #abh #moonchild

I use what everyone else uses because im a sucker for stupid trends but the book i cherish the most and brightened my day when i read it is a play by oscar wilde called the importance of being Easnest.
12. LIPSTICK: your favorite book kiss

#bookstagram #makeupbooktag#lipstick #avon #essence#goldenrose#manhattan

sue me or call me a perv but i loved the moment Dorian realized his own irresistible potential and made a move on Basil.

i usually go with a liptint by manhattan because i hate the clampy sticky feel or the possiblity of smudging it all over my face, but if im confident and not half asleep i use a nude lipstick by goldenrose or if i have to go out for a very short time i use avons summer glow collection either the sunset pink or the nude sand but not for long because they tend to become sticky (yuck) if i only have to make an appearance like going out for bread i put on essence’s winger glow cushion powder lipstick in the color 01 melt my lips. because its comfortable and cute color but unfortunately not a long wearing one.




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