mummy from hell – ken and patrick doyle

277 pages

published in 2009

synopsis via goodreads:

My brother Patrick remembers my first beating, of which I assume I was completely unaware. He was just five years old when he watched our mother punching herself again and again in her pregnant stomach while shouting at the top of her voice, ‘I don’t want this fucking child!’
Ken and Patrick Doyle grew up in a family of nine children. For sixteen years their home was a place of suffering. Behind the doors of their ordinary, three-bedroomed house they were subjected to deprivation, cruelty and humiliation at the hands of the one person who should have loved and protected them – their own mother.
Starved, savagely beaten, locked up for days on end and sent out to steal, their story is a catalogue of abuse. Yet, despite numerous official reports of abuse from social workers and health boards, their suffering continued …
In Mummy from Hell, the victims tell the horrifying true story of their childhood and how they survived it.

my thoughts:

it pictures very vividly the frustration and the wake from the illusion that everyone has about child abuse victims. many people don’t believe that parents can be evil fundamentally. just because someone had sex and made a child doesnt make them automatically parents. in this book theres a brilliant example of that. both of the boys call their parents by their name and not as mom and dad. since I personally can relate to some of the feelings in there, one thing i got out of reading this: the victims will never be a whole person again. abuse and manipulation warps the personality and the best possible way is to cut ties completely once adult and never yield if they start begging for money or use the excuse of “your dad/mom is very sick so we need money for hospital/ medical stuff etc.” (if it was the case you will pay the bill once they passed away anyway because they are that sort of shit people who dont give you nothing and that nothing goes into minus because you will be forced to pay for their bills that they left behind.) theres also the very honest fact that people around you are obviously in their face KNOW about the kids abuse but CHOOSE not to do anything. it was the same with me. my elementary school homeroom teacher knew it, my neighbors knew it , and in high school the vice principal knew it. (yet she choose to be silent and on top of that she made me fail her subject which im eternally thankful and all i got to say is ‘we will meet in hell and she will get her part of the punishment’) my ex-girlfriends mom knew it and when we broke up because of her mom she lashed out on me that her daughter had to be taken to psychiatric clinic because of me, but no one bat an eye on me developing bipolar disorder because of the immerse stress and abuse i was put through. so in short People know whats going on and if you are one of those dont stay silence because you will be guilty as well as an accomplice in the crime.

the thing i disliked in the book is that both man tried justifying their alcoholism and shit behavior as adults with the past abuse. it doesnt work like that HONEY. I myself am the prime example who came from a smoking drinking gambling family and I dont do none of it. i dont feel the need to. it does not relieve stress, you know what relieves stress? gardening , sewing. creating something and not drinking yourself till you crawl on all four. that one thing is not justified by past abuse. it isnt a green card to be a shit person. it isnt a green card to make your wifes life miserable just because you are a shit person.


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